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Special exhibition

The MMBM shows temporary exhibitions in the front section. These exhibitions fit in with the overall concept by bringing especially important works out of the treasures of the museum's collection into focus.

Charles Darwin


The Personal Evolution of the Scientist

Darwin‘s Theory of Evolution rocked the view of the world at the time and turned him into one of the most renowned scientists of the modern era. Who was he? The Special Exhibition focuses expressly on Darwin’s character and the manifold works of Charles Darwin, the scientist.

Darwin‘s personal recollections guide the visitors through the exhibition. At individual stops, the visitors will learn about his career through quotations, illustrations and books.

The audience can witness interactively, on screen, the most important event of Darwin’s life, i.e. the five-year circumnavigation of the world on board the vessel Beagle. Marvel at the extremely rare first editions of his two most famous works on display, On the Origin of Species and The Descent of Man.


The young and the young-at-heart can gain insight into the vibrant world of Darwin by enjoying a game of memory.

Special exhibition - Charles Darwin - The personal evolution of the scientist
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  • Special exhibition - Charles Darwin - The personal evolution of the scientist
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